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Kerri Napoleon, Registered/ Licensed Dietitian

A healthier lifestyle starts at home. I believe the key to making lifestyle changes is finding what works for you. Whether you are trying to lose weight, manage a disease (diabetes, cholesterol, etc), dealing with an eating disorder, or training for a marathon, making small changes and focusing on what works for you is key to your success. There is not one diet or way of eating that works for everyone. But learning how your body reacts to food and what your body needs to be healthy is key to achieving a lifetime of health. I am here to teach you the most up to date nutrition concepts and help you make the lifestyle changes fit your life. We will work together to find the eating style that works for you.

Nutrition Counseling

Individual Counseling: Includes a nutrition assessment, goal setting and individual meal plan specific for your life! Follow up appointments, help you attain those goals and provide accountability.

Medgem Metabolism 


Is your metabolism fast, slow or average?Measure your resting metabolism and know the calories you are burning. Knowing your metabolism can help you if you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight or training for competition.

Grocery Store 

Tour Or Pantry Overhaul

Do you ever wonder what product is the best product? What to look for when shopping? What does a healthy pantry look like? These are all questions that will be answered with a grocery store tour or pantry overhaul.

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